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by Michael McIntyre

Want to Close the Deal? Know What You're Selling...

Many a sale is won and lost not by the salesperson's techniques but by their knowledge of their product. Often a salesperson will complain, "I know my product inside and out, how it was made, what it does and what it provides, but I can't sell it." Here is the problem: They may know their product but often what they are selling is more than their product. In The Authentic Salesman, empathetic listening is a key component to success in sales.

Whether it is real estate, insurance, or a home design project, you must understand that you are selling more than the product. For example, you might be selling a lifestyle improvement, a way for your prospect to save time, or a feeling of security. If you can learn to empathize with what your prospect or client most wants to gain in the sale, you will close more sales than anyone else.

Being empathetic means taking the time to acknowledge your prospects needs and wants beyond the immediate. Perhaps you are discussing treatment options for them as a physician. First you must determine what your patient's medical needs are, but you also need to take into account what medicine will have the least affect on his lifestyle. What? Physicians aren't in sales? Yes, they are. If they want to gain new patients to their practice, they are, and guess what--a healthy patient is a happy patient who tells their friends about your wonderful bedside manner.

The tenets found in The Aunthentic Salesman aren't industry specific, rather they are interpersonal skills that can help people in any aspect of their lives. If you haven't already, purchase a copy of The Authentic Salesman to being learning how you can become a better empathetic listener. Also, be on the lookout for Michael McIntyre to be speaking in the near future at several different venues.

Good luck and Never.Stop.Selling!

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